Percussion Mallets

After a lot of successful concerts, the idea of a common CD Percussion Mallets with music „between the cultures“ developed. The CD, originally planned as a duo-project, had now 16 musicians participating in it. They conjured a result, which encourages to dancing, dreaming, enjoyment and especially to drum by yourself.

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Music-CD “Percussion Mallets

Arrangements for mallets, djembé and jazz trio with musical guests.
Total playing time: 60´41 min.
GEMA - Licence
P & C 2005


Amadou Kienou
01 Kanou



Pierre Moerlen
02 Downwind



Roland Härdtner
03 Angadia pour Mélodie



Boris Ritter
04 Donde



Yann Tiersen
05 "17" - Nombre d'Amour (orig. Sur le fil



Claus Müller
06 TomTom-Bongo



Boris Ritter
07 Bembé



David Plüss / Clemens Bittlinger
08 Fils de Soie



Nebojša Jovan Živkovic
09 Srpska Igra



Antonio Carlos Jobim
10 Chega de saudade



Pierre Moerlen
11 Gouttes de Pluie



David Mancini
12 Suite for Solo Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble



Roland Härdtner - marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, concert toms, bells, timpani, percussion, keyboards
Amadou Kienou - djembé, tama
Nebojša Jovan Živkovic - djembé
Goran Mann - drums, timbales, percussion
Claus Müller - tomtoms, drums, percussion
Dieter Fuchs - timbales, drums, percussion
Georg Schmid - bongos, drums, percussion
Martin Röhm - bongos, snare drum, percussion
Markus Bodamer - congas, bongos, percussion
Boris Ritter - piano, keyboards
Klaus Dusek - bass
Alexander Kroll - guitar
Christoph F. Müller - flutes
Florian Schüle - clarinet, bass-clarinet ,saxophone
Attila Barta - violin
Jenni Koskela - violin